Mr Teo Chee Hean

Senior Minister and

Coordinating Minister for National Security, Singapore


Dr Steve Howard

 Vice Chairman, Sustainability


Prof Low Teck Seng  

Senior Vice President (Sustainability and Resilience)

National University of Singapore

Mr Lam Wee Shann

Deputy Chief Executive (Technology) / Chief Technology Officer

Land Transport Authority

Prof Wang Tianyi

Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou),  Former Chairman & CEO of China Everbright Environment Group


Track 1: Sustainability through Technology


Engineering for a Sustainable Future

Launched in 2013, the biennial World Engineers Summit (WES) is a premier platform for engineering-centric discussions to advance the world towards a resilient, sustainable future.


From 8 to 10 November 2023, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) will host WES 2023 in Singapore. Themed ‘Engineering for a Sustainable Future’, the sixth WES will facilitate the timely exchange of knowledge, ideas and solutions amongst engineers to support the world’s net-zero transition.


Joining the engineering community will be thought leaders, policy-makers, specialists, business leaders and academics from across the globe. Together, they will share expert opinions and solutions to address global issues arising from climate change and carbon-intensive urban development.


WES 2023 is a key event in 2023 for the IES Green Plan 2030, unveiled in January 2023 to support Singapore’s sustainability journey.


The summit will feature keynote addresses from prominent experts and leaders as well as discussions across six curated tracks:


  • Sustainability through Technology
  • Building a Resilient Future against Climate Change
  • Future of Industry Sustainability
  • Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • A Greener and Renewable Built Environment
  • Pedagogy and Education Technology in Engineering Education


Join us at WES 2023 to be part of a collective effort to build a greener and brighter future through engineering.




Emerson Digital Plant Experience

Join us for a session packed with rich technical content, featuring eminent experts as keynote speakers and renowned researchers, practitioners and policy makers showcasing the latest research findings and engineering innovations in support of a low carbon future and sustainable development.

As humankind grapples with unprecedented challenges unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, never before have engineers been more needed to work together to set the world on a strong course of recovery.


To spur the creation of innovative, sustainable solutions from international engineering communities at this time of crisis, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) will host the sixth biennial World Engineers Summit (WES) from 8 to 10 November 2023 with the theme “Engineering for a Sustainable Future”.


The conference will facilitate discussions on pressing current issues and new growth opportunities via six tracks: Sustainable through Technology, Building A Resilient Future Against Climate Change, Future of Industry Sustainability, Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility, A Greener and Renewable Built Environment and Pedagogy and Educational Technology in Engineering Education


We have designed a rich and varied programme comprising keynote speeches by leading field experts, insightful presentations and interaction opportunities to benefit delegates from different disciplines, industries and countries.


IES initiated WES in 2013 as a platform to address crucial issues confronting the world through engineering solutions. With the colossal magnitude of the issues at hand due to the pandemic, IES is committed to supporting engineers across borders to leverage on WES 2023 to formulate plausible next steps for a better well-being and a more sustainable global society.


Just as the pandemic has brought about permanent and far-reaching changes, engineers are the ones with the minds and means to drive transformation in all corners of the globe. Let us come together as engineers to turn this unprecedented crisis into new opportunities for future generations.


We look forward to seeing you at WES 2023.


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