Joint Conference Chairs

S.K. Chou (Co-Chair) and J. Yan (Co-Chair)

Organising Committee

S.C. Ng (Co-Chair), E. Dahlquist (Co-Chair); and U. Desideri (Co-Chair)

Technical Programme


S.K. Chou (Chair)


J. Y. Lee, D. Chung, P.S. Lee


Ang C.K
E. Chua
Chow K.W.
E. Khoo
Koh C.
A. Law
Lee K.H.
N. Lee
Loh A.T.
Looi T.S.
V. Nian
Ngin H.T.
Ong E.H.
Seow T.K.
M. Sirisena
E. Susilo
Tan N.S.
Tan Y.H.
J. Tay
Teh P.S.
Wan S.P.
Yang W.M.


Chew S.H.
J. Eades
J. Foo
L. Leong
A. Ng
Ong E.H.
J. Oh
V. Poh
C. Segaran
Yue K.S.

International Scientific Committee

Prof. J. Yan (Chair), Editor-in-Chief, Applied Energy
Prof. S.K. Chou (Co-Chair), Editor, Applied Energy
Prof. U. Desideri (Co-Chair), Editor, Applied Energy

M. Beer, USA
L. Kazmerski, USA
D. Stolten, Germany
S. Campanari, Italy
M. Kraft, UK
G. Strbac, UK
B. Chen, China
A. Lecuona Neumann, Spain
F.C. Sun, China
W.H. Chen, Taiwan
D.J. Lee, Taiwan
T. Tezuka, Japan
D. Chiaramonti, Italy
M.K. H. Leung, Hong Kong
S.T. Tu, China
A.J. Conejo, USA
Y.C. Leung, Hong Kong
Y. Uchiyama, Japan
E. Dahlquist, Sweden
Li H.L., Sweden
O. Veneri, Italy
S. Deng, Hong Kong
X.G. Li, Canada
C.S. Wang, China
I. Dincer, Canada
Y.G. Li, Hong Kong
J.H. Wang, USA
N. Duic, Croatia
H. Lund, Denmark
Y.M. Wei, China
S.V. Garimella, USA
P. Lund, Finland
J. Wu, China
Gupta A.K., USA
R. Madlener, Germany
J.Z. Wu, UK
G. Hammond, UK
A.F. Massardo, Italy
X.H. Xia, South Africa
N. Hedin, Sweden
M. Obersteiner, Austria
H.M. Xu, UK
J. Hetland, Norway
C.D Rakopoulos, UK
Y. Yamagata, Japan
K. Hubacek, USA
A.P. Roskilly, UK
H.X. Yang, Hong Kong
N. Jenkins, UK
J. Schoonman, Netherlands
P. Yang, USA
H.G. Jin, China
T. Shamim, UAE
K. Yoshikawa, Japan
T.B. Johansson, Sweden
R. Span, Germany
D.K. Zhang, Australia
S.A. Kalogirou, Cyprus
B. Stigson, Switzerland
J.S. Zhang, China
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