Accepted Abstracts

A focal point for ideas, research findings and best practices on low carbon cities and urban energy, WES-CUE 2017 will address a range of critical issues in engineering and sustainability. Here are the abstracts which have been accepted by the Technical Programme Committee. Authors must submit the full papers in a specific format by 15 May and notification of acceptance will be sent out from June 1, 2017. For submission of full paper(s), click HERE.
# Abstract Title Authors Track
4 Climate Change, Mega Events and Triple-Helix Innovation Sandro Sato U – others
5 Low-cost solar power satellites for clean baseload power generation Alex Ellery Renewable Energy
6 Effects of Void Spaces in a Phase Change Material Based Thermal Energy Storage System Joel Chiew, Junbo Jia and Cheng Siong Chin Energy Storage
7 Recycling Solid Waste and Bioenergy Generation in MFC Dual- Chamber Model Handojo Djati Utomo Waste to Energy
8 Current situation of water side system design and operation: a perspective from real measurement data Fan Feng, Zhengwei Li and Zhaoning Zhang Energy Efficiency
9 Development of Solar City: Experience and Lessons learned from Turpan Demonstration District, China Guang Yang, Xin Wang and Zhengwei Li SSUD
10 Development of a multidisciplinary approach to compute sustainability index for manufacturing plants – Singapore prespective Narayanaswamy Venkataraman I – others
11 Electric Vehicle Deployment in Singapore and Technical Considerations for Public Charging Infrastructure Xue Feng and Evan Gwee E-mobility
12 Bioethanol: Is it a suitable biofuel for Hong Kong for reducing its vehicular emissions and carbon footprint? Dennis Y.C. Leung, Gabriel C.K. Lam, Laura C. Yu, Holly Y.H. Kwok and Sam W.K. Cheng Climate Change Mitigation
13 Smart Building Energy Management System Kuan Tat Jackson Ho Energy Efficiency
14 A Study on Mechanical Properties and Leaching Behaviour of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incineration Ash/Epoxy Composites Goh Chee Keong, Thong Kiang Low and Lok Hing Tang E – others
15 Experimental and numerical modelling of a 32 MW wood-chip grate boiler with the technology of internal flue gas recirculation Yaojie Tu, Wenming Yang, Mingchen Xu and Anqi Zhou Renewable Energy
16 Numerical investigation on ash deposition on the surface of tube bundle Zhimin Zheng, Wenming Yang, Yongtie Cai and Mingchen Xu Industrial Processes
17 A Novel Electrode-Bipolar Plate Assembly for Redox Flow Battery Applications Lijun Liu, Ningping Chen, Chun Yu Ling, Yann Mei Lee, Mei Lin Chng and Ming Han Energy Storage
18 Effect of different renovation actions on energy demand in relation to investment costs Erik Dahlquist, Fredrik Wallin and Anders Avelin Energy Efficiency
19 Benchmarking the energy efficiency of office buildings in Belo Horizonte, Brazil Ana Carolina Veloso, Roberta Souza and Ricardo Koury Energy Efficiency
20 Innovative Microgrid Solution for Renewable Energy Integration within the REIDS Initiative Xiaoyang Peng and Jean Wild Renewable Energy
21 Global developments in advanced reactor technologies and international cooperation Victor Nian P – others
22 Green Building : Ensuring Complience with LEED Requirements Mohammed Aktaruzzaman Hasan Green Buildings
23 SMART & SAFE ENERGY SOCIETY  – Toward durable peace and evolution – Masatoshi Kakegawa SSUD
24 Role of ICT in Creating Intelligent, Energy Efficient Buildings Rohan Rawte Energy Efficiency
25 Asset Performance Management for Power Grids Silas Wan P – others
26 Load and Renewable Energy Forecasting for a Microgrid using Persistence Technique Shreya Dutta, Yanling Li, Aditya Venkataraman, Difei Tang, Luis Costa, Tianxiang Jiang, Fook Hoong Choo, Chek Fok Foo, Robert Plana, Philippe Tordjman and Teddy Püttgen Smart Grids
27 Modelling of ash deposition in biomass boiler: a review Yongtie Cai, Wenming Yang, Zhimin Zheng and Mingchen Xu Renewable Energy
28 Scenarios Development of Energy Efficient City in Yogyakarta City Using TRANUS Modeling Zeji Mandala, Sani Roychansyah and Dewanti Marsoyo U – others
30 Rebar Corrosion Detection of the 2004 Tsunami Affected Building in Aceh Using Boundary Element Inverse Analysis Syarizal Fonna,  Gunawarman, Syifaul Huzni and Ahmad Kamal Ariffin B – others
31 Enhanced bioenergy production from wasted sludge in an extreme thermophilic single-stage anaerobic sludge digester Yan Zhou Waste to Energy
32 Search and Rescue under Debris/Rubble using RF System Hassan Ali and Fahad Mateen I – others
33 Solar PV leasing in Singapore: enhancing return on investments with options Shuang Song and Kim Leng Poh Renewable Energy
34 Design and Development of an Automatic Solar Tracker Jerin Kuriakose and Andrew Keong Ng Renewable Energy
35 Performance Evaluation of New Generation Cement Based Insulating Material for Equatorial Tropics: Impact Study on Naturally Ventilated Buildings. Priya Pawar, En Hua Yang and Man Pun Wan Energy Efficiency
36 Energy-Saving Lighting System Based on Ambient Light and Occupancy Han Wei Anselm Low and Andrew Keong Ng Energy Efficiency
37 Energy Assessment and Loss Modelling of PV Power Plants with Battery Energy Storage Systems Shu Zhen, Hongzhu Liang, Terence Goh and Kian Hock Tan Energy Storage
38 Study on offshore wind farm layout design based on multi-population generic algorithm considering decommissioning strategy Haiying Sun, Hongxing Yang and Xiaoxia Gao Renewable Energy
39 Use Eyetracker to Design an Intelligent Patient Bed Kuo-Chih Su, Jen Yung Lin and Yuh Wen Chen Smart Homes
40 Smart Aquaponics System for Urban Farming Thu Ya Kyaw and Andrew Keong Ng I – others
41 Exercising Synergies of the Water-Waste-Energy Nexus: Co-Location of Mega Water Reclamation And Solid Waste (MSW) Facilities Geoffrey Piggott, Wei Hin Yong, Joseph Boey and Jens Moller Energy Water Nexus
42 Experience sharing on VSD application & its reliability at Feedwater Water Pumps for a Combined Cycle Power Plant operating in the competitive landscape of the National Electricity Market Singapore Kok Chan Kwong and Clare Savereux P – others
43 A feasibility study of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Green Mark New Non Residential Buidling 2015 analysis Ziwen Liu, Keyu Chen, Luke Peh and Kee Wee Tan B – others
44 Universal Relay Tester (URT) for Critical Relays on Automated Trains Victor Ho, Tong Tat Tan and Hwee Joo Leck T – others
46 Analysis of heavy metals in Incineration Ash and impact of source reduction on ash quality Selina Patra, Shih Teen Whaung and Wei Lek Kwan E – others
47 Sustainable harnessing of solar energy for a conventional American household Wattala Fernando, Naren Gupta and Helen Robertson Renewable Energy
49 Impact of demand profiles on grid-interactive photovoltaic systems in South Africa Kanzumba Kusakana Smart Grids
50 Performant Evaluation Indexes of Distributed CCHP Systems Youyuan Shao, Simin Huang, Runhua Jiang and Frank Qin Industrial Processes
52 Enhacing Energy Efficiency of FMCG Sector Through Efficient Use of Steam Salim Mirza Industrial Processes
53 Probabilistic analysis of mist coolers for chiller systems in commercial buildings Fu Wing Yu Energy Efficiency
54 Assessment of the Wind-Induced Flutter Energy Harvester (WIFEH) Integration in Buildings Angelo Aquino, John Kaiser Calautit and Ben Richard Hughes Renewable Energy
55 Durian Skin Waste Utilization to Generate Green Sustainable Development Strategies in Banjaroya Zerlynda Fitria Nur Mayanti, Ahmad Rizal Yassaruddin and Mu’Ammar Chaidir Rachman E – others
56 Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes Muhammad Kamran Industrial Processes
57 Sustainable Energy Generation through wastewater : A situation in the urban city of Lagos, Nigeria Timothy Ajayi, Kayode Elesinnla and Oluwatosin Ajayi Waste to Energy
58 Corrosion monitoring of pipelines in critical locations using ultrasonic guided wave tomography Zheng Fan, Jing Rao and Madis Ratassepp I – others
59 Water Quality Management Using Multivariate Statistical Method – A Case Study : Code River Basin, Indonesia Muchammad Zaenal Muttaqin and Sri Puji Saraswati E – others
60 The use of proper orthogonal decomposition in the optimization of building orientation Bharathi Vbl Boppana, Daniel J. Wise, Harish Gopalan, Venugopalan Sg Raghavan and Hee Joo Poh SSUD
61 A Meta Model Based Bayesian Approach for Building Energy Models Calibration Jun Yuan, Victor Nian and Bin Su B – others
62 Two step approach on the issue of dew condensation for the displacement ventilation and chilled ceiling system Shaopeng Guo, Guang Jin and Xiaotong Wang B – others
63 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Power System for Deepwater Emergency Operation Wei Da Toh, Junbo Jia, Cheng Siong Chin, Joel Chiew, Zuchang Gao, Bei Xu and Ehsan Mesbahi Industrial Processes
64 Ambiences as a Reference for Sustainable Architecture Biomimicry as an Approach -Case of Arid Regions with Hot and Dry Climate- Msellem Houda, Alkama Djamal and Labidi Fayçal B – others
65 Smart Community Solution for Energy Management – A Review of Critical Parameters for Commercial or Residential Energy-Efficient Users to Participate in Demand-side Management of Singapore Electricity Market Patricia Alvina, Xiaoyin Bai, Chang Youngho, Daniel Liang and Kenneth Lee Smart Grids
66 Factors Shaping the Outlook for Nuclear Energy Philip Andrews-Speed P – others
67 Biomethanation of different household wastes using laboratory scale anaerobic digester Rence Marrion Pineda and Rafael Rafael Waste to Energy
69 Charging infrastructure choosing and replanning research based on electric vehicle sharing Gangzhan Fu and Junfeng Shi E-mobility
70 Implementation of a Fuzzy Controlled Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Systems Gerard Ang Renewable Energy
71 The marginal social footprint of permanent magnet production based on rare earth elements – a social life cycle assesment (SLCA) Holger Schlör, Petra Zapp, Josephine Marx, Andrea Schreiber, Venghaus Sandra and Jürgen-Friedrich Hake Renewable Energy
72 Prospection of the mid- and low-temperature solar thermochemical power generation system Zhang Bai, Qibin Liu, Jing Lei and Hongguang Jin Renewable Energy
73 Progressing Towards DC Electrical Systems for Marine Vessels Merlin Chai and Sanjib Kumar Panda Energy Management
74 Non-eutectic Phase Change Materials for Cold Thermal Energy Storage Jia Yin Sze and Alessandro Romagnoli Energy Storage
75 Environmental performance assessment of the application of high temperature phase change materials in waste-to-energy plants Marco Mengarelli, Fabio Dal Magro, Alessandro Romagnoli and Xavier Py Waste to Energy
76 The prospect of electric vehicles in the absence of policy support Victor Nian, Jun Yuan and Hari M. P. E-mobility
77 Solar Energy Hybrid System for Seawater Distillation in the Coastal Regions Rini-Nur Hasanah Renewable Energy
78 Smart Grid Intelligent Energy Management System (SGIEMS) with Cost Optimization in Power System Hafiz Fuad Usman Smart Grids
79 Inter-site vehicle scheduling strategy design for one way car-sharing system based on the network flow model Gangzhan Fu, Jing Zuo and Bo Yu E-mobility
80 Cost Model of Battery Electric Vehicle Based on Vehicle’s Technical Composition Gangzhan Fu, Lingxiang Cao and Minjie Zhou Green Manufacturing
81 Study on the optimization of pure electric vehicle used for carsharing Gangzhan Fu and Lingxiang Cao E-mobility
82 Economic analysis of electric logistic vehicle Gangzhan Fu and Wenji Zhou E-mobility
83 Research on the choice of electric vehicle for urban logistics Gangzhan Fu and Wenjie Zhou E-mobility
84 Row Based Region Growing Lim Bk and June Tay Hui Min I – others
85 Thermo-economic evaluation, optimization of ICE-CCHP systems with hybrid dehumidification and electric compression refrigeration Runhua Jiang, Frank G.F. Qin, Huibin Yin, Yongjun Xu and Minlin Yang DCH
86 Optimal Scheduling of Multi-Source Microgrid Considering Power to Gas Technology and Wind Power Uncertainty Weikang Liu, Dan Wang, Xianshen Yang, Xiaodan Yu, Hongjie Jia and Weiliang Wang Renewable Energy
87 Replacement of Cooling Tower by Novel Membrane based Evaporative Cooler (MEC) James Selvaraj Antony Prince, Nair Sunil, Kwok Ho Lam and Singh Gurdev Energy Efficiency
88 Membrane liquid desiccant (MLDS) based dedicated outdoor air system for water and energy saving chilled water air conditioning James Selvaraj Antony Prince, Neelamegam Ayyanar, Nair Sunil, Kwok Ho Lam and Singh Gurdev Energy Efficiency
89 Modeling Buildings in Cities: Data and Method Tianzhen Hong, Kaiyu Sun and Yixing Chen Energy Efficiency
90 A novel Neural network decoupling control method for On-board PMSM Wanbang Zhao and Qiang Song E-mobility
91 Green Land Reclamation Using Biodegradable Chelators and Vegetable Oils in Removal of Heavy Metals from Soils Menghau Sung, Yi-Ru Chen and Wei-Fu Chen E – others
93 Optimization of a compact falling-droplet absorber for cooling power generation Fabrizio Cola, Jonathan Hey Heng Kiat and Alessandro Romagnoli I – others
94 Modelling the clogging dynamism of dual-media pre-treatment rapid filters for seawater desalination Alvin W.Z. Chew and Adrian Wing-Keung Law E – others
95 Optimal control application in energy generation maximization of anaerobic  digester Patience Lyandenga and Sam Sichilalu Renewable Energy
96 Capturing and valorizing the energy from train braking Romain Gouttefangeas and Eldenn Ang Energy Management
97 Innovative Organic Rankine arrangements for Water Savings in Waste Heat Recovery Applications Stefano Mazzoni, Manuel Jimenez-Arreola and Alessandro Romagnoli Industrial Processes
98 Truly Smart City? Gaps and challenges of Chinese smart cities- the case of Ningbo China May Tan-Mullins, Ali Cheshmehzangi and Linjun Xie U – others
99 Combined Nitrogen Production, Ammonia Synthesis, and Power Generation for Efficient Hydrogen Storage (Ammonia) Muhammad Aziz Energy Storage
100 Non-Catalytic Slow Pyrolysis of  Spirulina Plantesis Residue (SPR) for Production of Liquid-Biofuel Siti Jamilatun, Arief Budiman, Rochmadi Rochmadi and Budhijanto Budhijanto Renewable Energy
101 Multi-objective Optimization of Intermodal Transportation Network for Sustainable Tourism in Taiwan Vertic Eridani and Yuh-Wen Chen T – others
102 The practice of ecological sustainability in China: a study of three types of ecological development in Chongming Island Linjun Xie, Ali Cheshmehzangi and May Tan-Mullins U – others
103 Enhanced bamboo composite with protective coating for structural concrete application Siti Nabihah Abdul Rahman, Wen Shing Leong, Simon Lee, Philipp Müller Johannes, Alireza Javadian, Dirk E Hebel, Shui Ling Chen, Heng Wuan Lee, Ezhilvalavan Santhiagu and Sin Nee Song Green Buildings
104 Tracking Multilayer Energy Flows: A Multiregional Input-Output Network Model Cuixia Gao, Bin Su, Mei Sun and Zhonghua Zhang I – others
105 Calculation of Rebound Effect and Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Policy Based on NEMS Model Jinkai Li and Yafeng Han Industrial Processes
106 Ceramic composite coatings for various applications Shijie Wang T – others
107 Harvesting 3D Multiphysics Modelling Techniques for Smart and Sustainable University Campus Priyanka Mehta, Rithika Thomas, Xiaoqin Zhang, Nilesh Jadhav and Rohan Rawte SSUD
108 Evaluating Rebound Effect of Energy Efficiency Improvements in Singapore Yingzhu Li and Bin Su Climate Change Mitigation
109 Field Test Analysis of A Urban Sewage Source Heat Pump System Performance Qunli Zhang, Zhiming Wang, Chaohui Yin, Qian Nie and Liwen Jin Energy Efficiency
110 Distributed Pumping Chilled Water Hydronic System Controls for Air-conditioning Systems Sam Lam, Chris Tham, Nair Sunil Saseedharan, Yin Chun Liong and Adrian Wang Energy Efficiency
111 MPPT Algorithm based on Force Point Following Technique (FPFT) for Grid Connected PV System Waheed Khan, Manzoor Ellahi and Masood Anwar Renewable Energy
112 Dynamic exergetic and environmental assessments of the small scale LNG cold utilized micro power generation systems. Baris Burak Kanbur, Xiang Liming, Swapnil Dubey, Choo Fook Hoong and Fei Duan P – others
113 To Construct Buildings Onto Seabed Directly Without Land Reclamation Ho Kwong Meng U – others
114 Implementation of Smart LED Lighting and Efficient Data Management System for Smart Buildings Arun Kumar, Nikhil Xavier, Pushpendu Kar, Rakesh Warrier and Sanjib Panda Smart Homes
115 Deployment of green materials as alternative coarse media in dual-media rapid filters Angeline H.E. Tan, Alvin W.Z. Chew and Adrian Wing-Keung Law E – others
116 Application of Hybrid Generator System in Smart Grid Chua Hian Koon,  Teh Siaw Peng,  Tan Hang Kiang,  Tan Peng Jin and  Lim Jun Rong Smart Grids
117 Investigation of storage materials for packed bed cold storages in liquid air energy storage (LAES) systems Lars Hüttermann and Roland Span Energy Storage
118 Improving liquefaction process of small scale Liquid Air Energy Storage through waste heat recovery and absorption chiller Emiliano Borri, Alessio Tafone, Gabriele Comodi and Alessandro Romagnoli Energy Storage
119 Investigation on bismuth telluride thermoelectric thin film power generation device Liu Hong and Shi Yi Renewable Energy
120 Environmental and resource burdens associated with a local authority area: footprint components from energy demand and land use to waste arisings and water consumption Geoffrey Hammond, Trevor Iddenden and Jane Wildblood E – others
121 Preparation and Performance of Composite Building Materials with Phase Change Material for Thermal Storage Qunli Zhang, Yang Rao, Liyan Li, Yinlong Li and Liwen Jin Energy Efficiency
122 Eco-friendly building: using ceramic waste and laterite as ingredients in mortar Paul Awoyera, Joseph Akinmusuru, Julius Ndambuki and Andrew Dawson Green Buildings
123 A highway multi-lane partition model for the introduction of unmanned vehicles Jingliang Jin, Chenyu Li, Fanyi Men, Junfeng Feng and Nan Zhang Energy Management
124 Automation & technology to deliver 641,000,000 tonnes on-time & budget Alan Shea T – others
125 An Optimization-and-Equilibrium Method to Evaluate Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Models Yue Zhou, Jianzhong Wu, Chao Long, Meng Cheng and Chenghua Zhang Smart Grids
126 Development of a new thermoelectric system design to enhance energy recovery in hybrid vessels Marco Mengarelli, Akhilesh Srivastava, Anish Priyadarshi, Alessandro Romagnoli and Subodh Mhaisalkar E – others
127 How does Personality Traits Influence Energy Behavioural Change under Interventions? Evidence from an Energy Conservation Study in Hangzhou, China Meng Shen and Yujie Lu Smart Homes
128 Zero Emissions City Standard Andrew Waddelove and Hareld van den Brink SSUD
129 Experimental Observation of CO2 Dry-Ice Behavior in Evaporator/Sublimator in Ultra-Low Temperature Cascade Heat Pump System Haruhiko Yamasaki, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Kazuhiro Hattori and Petter Nekså Industrial Processes
130 Effect of fin position on the latent heat storage process: a numerical study Zhen Qin, Chenzhen Ji, Swapnil Dubey, Fook Hoong Choo and Fei Duan Renewable Energy
131 Eight Year Verification for Pre-Cooling/Heating Performance of Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger Wakana Morita, Akitoshi Muta, Kento Tomoda and Yasuyuki Shiraishi B – others
132 From Numerical Model to Computational Intelligence: The Digital Transformation of Urban Energy System Chuan Zhang, Alessandro Romagnoli and Markus Kraft SSUD
133 International Legal Framework for the Safe, Secure and Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy: Recent Developments Anthony Wetherall P – others
134 IMPLEMENTATION OF EFFECTIVE AND LOW-COST BUILDING MONITORING SYSTEM(BMS) USING RASPBERRY PI Venkat Subramanian, Krishnamoorthy Baskaran and Suleman Rai Energy Efficiency
135 Annual Performance Prediction of Cool and Heat Trench in the Medical Facility -Performance Verification based on Long-term Actual Survey and Unsteady CFD Analysis that Reduced Calculation Load- Akitoshi Muta, Kento Tomoda and Yasuyuki Shiraishi B – others
136 Energy efficient distillation columns sequence by heat integration Munawar Zaman Shahruddin, Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid, Kamarul Asri Ibrahim, Ahmad Nafais Rahimi, Muhammad Afiq Zubir and Muhammad Fakhrul Islam Zahran Industrial Processes
137 Energy storage systems for refrigerated warehouses Xueqiang Li, Kai Zhu, Hailong Li, Pietro Campana and Jinyue Yan Smart Homes
138 Integrating Composite Desiccant and Membrane Dehumidifier to Enhance Building Energy Efficiency Kian Jon Chua, Siaw Kiang Chou and Md Raisul Islam Energy Efficiency
139 Convection-diffusion controlled mushy region phase-change problems Avinash V Waghmare and Ashok T Pise Energy Storage
140 OLEFIN MIXTURE DIRECT SEQUENCE RETROFITTING AND FEED COMPOSITION SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS Ahmad Nafais Rahimi, Mohd Faris Mustafa, Muhammad Zakwan Zaine, Nur Atikah Mohd Rosely, Muhammad Fakhrul Islam Zahran, Munawar Zaman Shahruddin, Muhammad Afiq Zubir, Norazana Ibrahim, Kamarul Asri Ibrahim and Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid Industrial Processes
141 Thermo-hydraulic modelling for Direct Steam generation Ahmed Hachicha Renewable Energy
142 Thermodynamic and thermo-economic analysis of integrated organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery from vapor compression refrigeration cycle Muhammad Asim, Michael K. H. Leung, Zhiqiang Shan, Yingying Li, Dennis Y.C. Leung and Meng Ni Energy Efficiency
143 Effects of Urban Spatial Structure on Energy and Environmental Performances of the District Heating and Cooling System Hongbo Ren, Jiaming Liu and Qiong Wu DCH
144 Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil Quality Prediction Using Hotelling’s T2 – Principal Component Analysis Nor Adhihah Binti Rashid, Nur Atikah Mohd Rosely, Mohd. Aiman Mohd. Noor, Nia Damiyathi Abdul Hawi, Azmer Shamsuddin, Mohd. Kamaruddin Abd. Hamid and Kamarul ‘Asri Ibrahim I – others
145 Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response: An Overview of Key Principles Gunther Handl P – others
146 Performance evaluation of air flow and thermal comfort in the room with wind-catcher using different CFD techniques under neutral atmospheric boundary layer Ijaz Fazil Syed Ahmed Kabir, Sivamoorthy Kanagalingam and Ferozkhan Safiyullah Green Buildings
147 Electrical Properties of Medium Voltage Electricity Distribution Networks Sathsara Abeysinghe, Jianzhong Wu and Mahesh Sooriyabandara Smart Grids
149 Siting assessment for Kinetic Energy Turbines: an emplacement study for sea and river applications Giacomo Lo Zupone, Silvia Massaro, Silvio Barbarelli and Roberto Sulpizio Renewable Energy
150 The rise of Renewable Energy implementation in South Africa Pushpendra Jain and Shilpi Jain Renewable Energy
151 Kinetic self-balanced turbines: preliminary study for river applications Giacomo Lo Zupone, Silvio Barbarelli and Gaetano Florio Renewable Energy
152 Solar Forecasting using ANN with Fuzzy Logic Pre-processing Balakrishnan Sivaneasan, Chung Yen Yu and Kwang Ping Goh Renewable Energy
153 Quality Prediction of Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil Using Partial Least Squares Regression and Partial Correlation Analysis Nur Atikah Mohd Rosely, Nor Adhihah Rashid, Mohd. Aiman Mohd. Noor, Yu Han Moh, Mohamad Hanafi Noslan, Azmer Shamsuddin, Mohd. Kamaruddin Abd. Hamid and Kamarul ‘Asri Ibrahim I – others
154 CIGS photovoltaics for the urban tropics Chin Hin Oon and Kee Wee Ng Renewable Energy
155 Heat Dissipation Characteristics of Human Bodies under the Air-conditioning System using Ceiling Radiant Panels for an Office Space -The Influence on Physiological and Heat Dissipation Characteristics of the Human Body of the Difference of Internal Load- Takefumi Mori and Yasuyuki Shiraishi B – others
156 Optimal selection of charging stations for EV users Lokesh Bheema Thiagarajan and Hui Min June Tay T – others
157 Life cycle assessment and ecodesign of hybrid solar/wind off grid power syystem Chaouki Ghenai Renewable Energy
158 Optimal configuration for propylene-propane separation using vapor recompression and self-heat recuperation Chang Chu En Christopher, Arnab Dutta, Shamsuzzaman Farooq and Iftekhar Karimi Industrial Processes
160 High Hydrogen Content Alternative Fuel (Syngas) Combustion Chaouki Ghenai Renewable Energy
161 Utilization of Scenedesmus obliquus for Green Liquid Hydrocarbons Production Using Ultrasonic and Catalytic Upgrading Technologies Alexander Ido, Mark Daniel de Luna, Sergio Capareda and Amado Maglinao Renewable Energy
162 Model Predictive Control Based Energy Optimization in Building Environment Using IoT Platform Suleman Khalid Rai, Venkat Subramanian Arumuga Perumal, Krishnamoorthy Baskaran and Man Pun Wan Energy Efficiency
163 Systematic design of energy efficient azeotropic distillation column Muhammad Afiq Zubir, Ahmad Nafais Rahimi, Muhammad Fakhrul Islam Zahran, Munawar Zaman Shahruddin, Kamarul Asri Ibrahim and Mohd Kamaruddin Abd. Hamid Industrial Processes
164 Exergy Analysis of Biodiesel Production using Hydro-esterification Process Sangga Hadi Pratama, Ardian Fauzi, Yano Surya Pradana and Arief Budiman Renewable Energy
165 Biodiesel Production using Hydro-esterification Process from Wet Microalgae Ardian Fauzi, Sangga Hadi Pratama, Yano Surya Pradana and Arief Budiman Renewable Energy
166 Promoting Energy Efficiency of HVAC Operation in Large Office Spaces with a Wi-Fi Probe enabled Markov Time Window Occupancy Detection Approach Wei Wang, Zhenghang Lin and Jiayu Chen Smart Homes
167 Overcoming Solar PV Intermittency using Demand Response Management in Green Buildings Balakrishnan Sivaneasan, May Lin Lim and Kwang Ping Goh Green Buildings
168 Persistent and adaptive power system for solar powered sensors of Internet of Things (IoT) Nasim Sahraei, Sterling Watson, Sarah Sofia, Anthony Pennes, Tonio Buonassisi and Ian Marius Peters P – others
169 Biodiesel production in a reactive distillation column catalyzed by heterogeneous potassium catalyst Yano Surya Pradana, Arif Hidayat and Arief Budiman Renewable Energy
170 Analysis of factors affecting heat exchange in Ni based anti gravity loop heat pipe for high power solar transfer Can-Lun Zheng, Chun-Sheng Guo and Fang-Yi Qu Waste to Energy
172 A prediction approach of energy station in community energy system based on the attenuation and delay of pipes Zhiyuan Liu, Hang Yu and Zishuo Huang Energy Efficiency
173 Study of loop heat pipe with metal ceramic wick Fangyi Qu, Chunsheng Guo, Canlun Zheng, Xianbo Nian and Ziang Chen DCH
174 Optimum Study on Primary Design of Geothermal Heat Pipe with CO2 Based Rankine Cycle Chayadit Pumaneratkul, Haruhiko Yamasaki and Hiroshi Yamaguchi Renewable Energy
175 The Effect of Individual Differences in BIS/BAS on Household Energy Behavior Intervention Strategies during Peak and Non-Peak Hours Yilong Han, Yujie Lu and Harn Wei Kua Energy Efficiency
176 Generate electricity with the micro-loop heat pipe Ziang Chen, Chunshen Guo, Fangyi Qu, Xianbo Nian and Hanrui Huang Waste to Energy
177 Thermal Dynamics Analysis for Underground Data Centres in the Tropics Yanmei Jiao, Yuanlong Li, Yonggang Wen, Kok Chuan Toh and Yew Wah Wong Energy Efficiency
178 ENERGY MANAGEMENT FOR A SMART CAMPUS Subba Reddy B and Umanand L Smart Grids
179 Advanced modelling of BIPV Systems: A Case Study from Singapore Le Xu, Ji Zhang, Kin Ho Poon, Lu Zhao, Veronika Shabunko, Yujie Lu and Thomas Reindl Renewable Energy
180 Fabrication of conductive carbon nanomaterial from carbonaceous waste Wenlin Yvonne Lin, Koon Gee Neoh, Shin Nuo Koh and Chi Hwa Wang E – others
181 Soil Stabilistion using alkali activated grounded granulated blastfurnace slag Ansu Thomas, Dr. R. K Tripathi and Dr. L. K. Yadu T – others
182 Degradation of Shear Modulus of cement treated soil Ansu Thomas, Dr. R. K Tripathi and Dr. L. K. Yadu T – others
184 Cold gas micro propulsion development for satellite application Ravi Ranjan, Siaw Kiang Chou and Kumarasamy Karthikeyan Renewable Energy
185 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Industry Optimization Mathieu Ourliac, Rida Akim and Yee Wah Tang I – others
186 Carbon based Solid Acid Catalyst from Biomass Waste for Esterification of Free Fatty Acid in Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Arif Hidayat, Harwati Harwati, Karna Wijaya, Rochmadi Rochmadi and Arief Budiman Renewable Energy
187 The Study of Public Bike Distribution Systems with Demand Variation Considerations Tsai Pei-Yu T – others
188 Carbon Accounting and Influence Analysis of Industrial Carbon Emission for a Coastal City in the Pearl River Delta Jing-Chun Feng, Zhi Yu, Xue-Lan Zeng, Shu-Yuan Li, Shan Tang, Xu-Lei Chen and Yi Wang LCE
189 Catalytic Esterification of Bio-oil from Fast Pyrolysis of Palm Empty Fruit Bunch using Biomass Waste Catalyst Bachrun Sutrisno, R. Abdul Djalal and Arif Hidayat Renewable Energy
190 Benefits of battery-based Energy Storage for Grid Operation and Energy Markets – A techno-economic analysis Wolfram Krause and Vijay Sirse Energy Storage
191 Building Performance Evaluations Tom Gwyn Energy Efficiency
192 An Engineering Case Study – Hemis Tom Gwyn Green Buildings
193 Techno-economic and environmental assessment of applying solar-hydrogen energy systems to UK residential sector Chao Long, Paul Balcombe, Ximena C. Schmidt Rivera and Jianzhong Wu Renewable Energy
194 Research on The Clean Energy Heating Systems in Rural Beijing Qunli Zhang, Yangyang Hao and Liwen Jin Energy Efficiency
195 Design and Costing of a PVSA-Based Industrial Scale Propylene/Propane Separation Process Wee Chong Kuah, Surya Effendy and Shamsuzzaman Farooq I – others
196 The Design and Operational Practice of a Type of Modular Energy-Saving Air Conditioning System for Data Center Fang Liu, Zhipeng Yang, Zhigang Wang and Qunli Zhang Data Centres
197 The Study on Thermal Comfort Simulation of Airflow in Air Conditioning, Heating and Natural Ventilation in Ancient Buildings Qunli Zhang, Yuqing Jiao, Mingkai Cao and Liwen Jin Energy Efficiency
198 Technical Feasibility Analysis of Biomass Stove Heating System Qunli Zhang, Yingying Ji and Liwen Jin Energy Efficiency
199 Getting Nature to Help in Energy Efficiency Cher Seng Tay Energy Efficiency
200 Integrated approach to monitor the microbial consortia in the anaerobic digestion of food waste Jun Wei Lim and Yen Wah Tong Waste to Energy
202 AWESOME (Automatic Waste Sorter Machine) Based IoT As Solutions for Easing Waste Recycling Process and Implementation of Smart Green City Concept Christian Sinaga, Deo Reynaldo Alwi and Wisnu Indrawan E – others
203 Evaluating and optimizing algae façades using closed-loop simulation analysis integrated with BIM data Soowon Chang, Daniel Castro-Lacouture, Florina Dutt and Perry Pei-Ju Yang Green Buildings
204 Behavior Heavy Metal Removal by Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes L.): Studies In Vitro and In Vivo Rudy Syah Putra and Muhammad Idris E – others
206 Technical Study of Biodiesel Plant from Microalgae in Indonesia Yano Surya Pradana, Hanifrahmawan Sudibyo, Eko Agus Suyono and Arief Budiman Renewable Energy
207 LOW-GRADE WASTE HEAT DRIVEN HYBRID SYSTEMS FOR COOLING AND POWER Fahid Riaz, Poh Seng Lee and Siaw Kiang Chou Industrial Processes
208 Monitoring compressed air systems energy performance in industrial production:  lesson learned from an explorative study in large and energy-intensive industrial firms. Francesca Bonfa, Vito Introna and Simone Salvatori Industrial Processes
209 Planning tool for polygeneration design in micro-grids Francesco Carducci, Andrea Bartolini, Balamurugan Nagarajan, Alessandro Romagnoli and Gabriele Comodi Smart Grids
210 A new approach for grid integration of solar photovoltaic system with maximum power point tracking using multi-output converter N. Prabaharan and K. Palanisamy Renewable Energy
211 A unique optimal control of DVR supported by superconducting magnetic and battery based hybrid energy storage Rini Ann Jerin A, Palanisamy K and Umashankar S Energy Storage
213 Bio-oil, Syngas and Biochar Characterization from Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste Chaouki Ghenai Waste to Energy
214 Design method of radiant cooling area based on the relationship between human thermal comfort and thermal balance Song Gao, Liwen Jin, Chun Yang, Yuang Wang, Yang Li and Qunli Zhang Green Buildings
215 DYNAMIC STUDY OF ORC EVAPORATOR OPERATING UNDER FLUCTUATING THERMAL POWER FROM WASTE HEAT SOURCES Manuel Jimenez Arreola, Roberto Pili, Alessandro Romagnoli and Christoph Wieland Industrial Processes
216 Impact of Industrial Structure Adjustment and Energy Consumption Structure Adjustment on Urban Carbon dioxide emission and Embodied Carbon Emission: Taking Beijing as a Case Wei Fang, Haizhong An, Xiangyun Gao and Huajiao Li LCE
217 Green Data Centres through cryogenic energy system Fadhel Ayachi, Jia Yin and Alessandro Romagnoli Data Centres
218 Decentralized algal energy system design at various urban densities and scales Steven Jige Quan, Thomas Igou, Florina Dutt, Soowon Chang, Daniel Castro-Lacouture, Yongsheng Chen and Perry Yang Renewable Energy
219 Free cooling technologies for data centers: energy saving mechanism and applications Yin Zhang, Xiao Zhang and Mingshan Zhang Data Centres
220 Assessment of GHG reduction potential from solar assisted carbon capture and storage using life cycle approach Junyao Wang and Jun Zhao Renewable Energy
221 Experimental Investigation on Heat and Moisture Transfer of Carbon Nanotube Membranes Hengrui Zhang, Xinke Wang, Shuting Liu, Huiqing Yang, Chong Xie and Chunming Niu Energy Efficiency
222 A Novel Hybrid Model for Short-Term Prediction of PV Power Generation Zuhaila Mat Yasin, Muhammad Aidil Adha Aziz and Zuhaina Zakaria Renewable Energy
223 The thermal conductivity of molten NaNO3, KNO3, and their mixtures Qingguo Zhao and Chunxu Hu Energy Storage
224 Waste to Energy Solution – The Sludge Treatment Facility in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong Leslie H. Swann, David Downs and Melissa Waye Waste to Energy
225 Study on compound slide valve capacity control mechanism in single screw refrigeration compressor Yuting Wu and Weipeng Wang DCH
228 Heat transfer performance of buried extremely long ground-coupled heat exchangers with concentric pipes Guosheng Jia, Zeyu Tao, Liyu Zhang, Xiaohu Yang, Xiangzhao Meng, Cong Zhou, John C. Chai and Liwen Jin Energy Efficiency
229 An analysis on China’s solar photovoltaic policy instruments based on comparative policy studies Peishi Wu and Xiaoming Ma Renewable Energy
230 Operation strategy optimization for building cooling heating and power system with thermal energy storage Yin Zhang, Zhiyuan Wei, Ya Feng, Xin Wang and Yinping Zhang Energy Efficiency
231 Parametric investigation on heat generation rate of the lithium ion battery by AC impedance Zhao Lu, Xiaoling Yu, Liyu Zhang, Xiangzhao Meng, Qunli Zhang, Lichuan Wei and Liwen Jin Energy Management
232 Recovering Natural Gas from Gas Hydrates using Horizontal Wellbore Zheng Rong Chong, Zhenyuan Yin, Jianzhong Zhao and Praveen Linga P – others
233 Numerical modelling of methane hydrate dissociation within porous media by depressurization for energy recovery Zhenyuan Yin, Zheng Rong Chong, Hoong Kiang Tan, George Moridis and Praveen Linga P – others
234 Performance evaluation of levelized costs of building-integrated photovoltaic systems in Hong Kong Aotian Song and Lin Lu Renewable Energy
235 Systematic evaluation of semiclathrate-based pre-combustion CO2 capture in presence of tetra-n-butylammonium fluoride (TBAF): effect of TBAF concentration and kinetic additives Junjie Zheng, Bao-Yong Zhang, Maninder Khurana, Peng Zhang and Praveen Linga Climate Change Mitigation
236 Energy-saving control for trolley electric bus based on wavelet transform power shunt strategy Mei Yan, Hongwen He, Jiankun Peng, Menglin Li and Yuecheng Li E-mobility
237 A data mining approach to discover critical events for event-driven optimization in building air conditioning systems Junqi Wang, Gongsheng Huang, Pei Zhou and Linfeng Zhang Energy Efficiency
239 Morphological Studies of Mixed Methane Tetrahydrofuran Hydrates in Saline Water for Energy Storage Application Gaurav Pandey, Asheesh Kumar, Hari Prakash Veluswamy, Jitendra S. Sangwai and Praveen Linga Energy Storage
240 Experimental study on the safety of R32 domestic air conditioner in the process of recovering the refrigerant Shuo Liu and Wufeng Jin Waste to Energy
241 A Thermal-dissipation-compensated Method on Soil Thermal Conductivity Test and Key Parameters Study Ling Ma and Jun Zhao E – others
242 Estimation of the urban heat island using remotely sensed thermal infrared data Fernanda Schuch and Afshin Afshari E – others
243 Calculation of turbulent stress through steady-state RANS and LES validation Nicolas Ramirez Goicoechea and Afshin Afshari E – others
244 Inverse estimation of the urban heat island using district-scale building energy calibration Luis Guilherme Resende Santos and Afshin Afshari Energy Efficiency
245 Assessment and improvement of the accuracy of radiation heat transfer estimation in simplified urban canopy models Yosha Pasha and Afshin Afshari E – others
246 A coordinated VAV control with integration of heat transfer coefficients for improving energy efficiency and thermal comfort Pei Zhou, Gongsheng Huang, Junqi Wang and Pei Huang Energy Efficiency
247 Mapping Emirati housing typologies: design of energy efficient housing forms Milos Mirkovic and Khaled Alawadi Energy Efficiency
248 Dynamic simulation of a multi-generation system for electric and cooling energy provision, employing a SOFC cogenerator and an adsorption chiller Valeria Palomba, Marco Ferraro, Andrea Frazzica, Salvatore Vasta, Francesco Sergi and Vincenzo Antonucci Data Centres
249 The Economic Analysis of Regional Distributed Energy System in Baotou Guang Jin, Nan Hao and Shaopeng Guo Renewable Energy
250 Feasibility Study on Distributed Energy system in Inner Mongolia Guang Jin, Jinjin Wang and Shaopeng Guo Renewable Energy
251 Experimental Analysis on Crucible Selection of Thermal Properties of Nitrate Salt Mingzhi Zhao, Lulu Zou and Yuting Wu Energy Storage
252 Optimization Design of Spray Angle for Opposed Piston Two Stroke Engine Yuhang Liu, Fujun Zhang, Zhenfeng Zhao, Zhaoyi Xie and Shuanlu Zhang IC engines
253 Kinetical and Raman Spectroscopic Studies on Hydrate-based CO2 Separation from Fuel Gas in the Presence of THF and CP Jing Cai, Chungang Xu and Xiaosen Li E – others
254 Optimization of dedicated outdoor air system with chilled beams and building insulation for energy saving potential and environmental impact in tropical climates Yilong Han and Junjing Yang Energy Efficiency
255 Energy saving potential of an air treatment system for improved building indoor air quality in Singapore Xin Cui, Balaji Mohan, Md Raisul Islam, Siaw Kiang Chou and Kian Jon Chua Energy Efficiency
256 Development of a multi-purpose infrastructure for sustainable mobility. A case study in a smart cities application Vincenzo Antonucci, Francesco Sergi, Giuseppe Napoli and Laura Andaloro Energy Management
257 Increase of Energy Consumption In Order to Bring Thermal Comfort of Occupants in Each Element of the Building Envelope Nurina Vidya Ayuningtyas, Ahmad Sarwadi and Jatmika Adi Suryabrata Energy Efficiency
258 Dynamic Modelling and Analyses of the Primary Distribution Network for the District Heating Systems Wei Mingshan and Hao Ling DCH
259 Scheduling Capacity Evaluation of Aggregated Thermostatically Controlled Loads Based on Fuzzy Decision-making Method Dunjian Xie, Yi Ding, Hongxun Hui, Menglian Zheng and Zhenzhi Lin Smart Grids
260 A Generalizable Method for Estimating Household Energy at a Neighborhood Scale in US Urban Regions Wenwen Zhang, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Ram Pendyala, Venu Garikapati and Catherine Ross SSUD
261 Formation Behaviors of CO2 Hydrate in Kaoline and Bentonite Clays with Partially Water Saturated Yu Zhang, Xiaosen Li and Zhaoyang Chen E – others
262 Development of an Innovative Energy Modelling Framework for Design and Operation of Building Clusters in the Tropics Majid Sapar, Catherine Catherine Conaghan and Rohan Rawte Green Buildings
263 Life-cycle assessment of emissions from electric and thermal energy storage systems in load-following applications Menglian Zheng, Jiayang Wu and Shiyue Li Energy Storage
264 Insight into the Mechanism of Acidic Gas Hydrate Formation with Synergic Additives Zhi-Ming Xia, Xiao-Sen Li and Zhao-Yang Chen Climate Change Mitigation
265 Data-Driven Short-Term Forecasting of Solar Irradiance Profile Poh Soon Loh, Jialing Chua, Aik Chong Tan and Cheng Im Khaw Renewable Energy
266 Energy efficient neighborhood design under residential zoning regulations in Shanghai Steven Jige Quan SSUD
267 Design and Evaluation of the Micro-grid for An Urban Area Qiong Wu and Hongbo Ren Smart Grids
268 Removal of Caesium by Soil Electrokinetic Remediation with Assessing Effect of Acetic Acid and Carbonate Salt as Electrolyte Naila Z. Jannah, Alfi I. Amalia and Rudy S. Putra E – others
269 SMART & SAFE ENERGY SOCIETY – Toward durable peace and evolution – Masatoshi Kakegawa SSUD
270 A Comprehensive Case Study of Climate Change Impacts on the Cooling Load in an Air-Conditioned Office Building in Malaysia Yat Huang Yau and Syafawati Hasbi B – others
271 Removal of Heavy Metals from Leachate Using Hydroponic Electro-Assisted Phytoremediation (EAPR) System with Water Hyacinth (Eichorniacrassipes) Febby Yulia Hastika and Rudy Syah Putra E – others
272 Application of Electrokinetic on Removal of Caesium Using Strong Acid and Weak Organic Acid Alfi Ihda Amalia, Naila Z. Jannah and Rudy Syah Putra E – others
273 Practice of net Positive Energy House in the Suburb of Tokyo Kozo Takase, Norihisa Kawashima, Keika Sato and Yukari Ohnuma Green Buildings
274 Research on Production Decision and Sharing Responsibility Mechanism of Dual Responsibility Closed-loop Supply Chain Xiaodong Zhu and Zhe Wang Waste to Energy
275 Political Incentives, Transformation Efficiency and Resource-Exhausted Cities Huiming Zhang, Lifang Xiong and Yueming Qiu SSUD
277 Assessing the Impact of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles on Reduced Energy Consumption Catherine Ross and Subhrajit Guhathakurta Energy Management
278 Mining gradual patterns in big building operational data for building energy efficiency enhancement Cheng Fan and Fu Xiao Energy Efficiency
280 A Methodology for Improved SOC Performance of Series Battery Pack considering Multivariate DWT-SMO Jonghoon Kim and Seongjun Lee Energy Storage
281 Facilitating systemic changes towards green buildings: Developing a conceptual framework of socio-technical transitions Ruidong Chang and Yujie Lu Green Buildings
282 Comparative life cycle   assessment of lithium-ion battery electric bus and CNG Bus from well to wheel Ocktaeck Lim E-mobility
283 Optimal carbon reduction strategies with emission trading system in the building sector Xiangnan Song and Yujie Lu Energy Efficiency
285 Analytical and Experimental Study of Micro Gas Turbine as Range Extender for Electric Vehicles in Asian Cities Srithar Rajoo, Feng Xian Tan, Meng Soon Chiong, Alessandro Romagnoli, Torsten Palenschat and Ricardo Martinez-Botas T – others
288 Advanced solar photocatalytic asphalt for removal of vehicular NOx Wenguang Fan, Ka Yan Chan, Chengxu Zhang and Michael K.H. Leung Renewable Energy
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